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Tortilla Cups:

Comessa Foods white flour cocktail wraps

Cook and spray for the muffin pan
Outline a muffin pan with the cocktail wraps and bake the cups till crispy

For the salad/salsa:

1 hand full of Italian salad leave mix
Teaspoon shredded mint
Ripe avocados, cut into small blocks
1 small red onion thinly sliced
One tomato
15ml Lime juice
Pinch of Maldon salt
1tsp Cilantro chopped fine
1 Tblsp Ponzu dressing

Mix all the ingredients together

Seared Salmon Salad

120g Three Streams Smokehouse salmon loin
1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds
½ teaspoon salt

Mix sesame seeds and salt; Roll salmon in mix – ensure covers evenly; Heat oil on griddle plate; Sear on all sides – approx 20-30 seconds each side. Must be cooked outside, very pink inside.

Fill the tortilla cups with salsa, then seared salmon and drizzle with ponzu sauce.