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Flatbread Range

All our products can be purchased both retail and wholesale (bulk) in cater pack form.
We also offer private label branding and also custom manufacture to any size you require.

Tortilla Wraps

We have a vast range of  Tortilla wraps available including white, brown, multiseed, low carb and plant based options, available in various sizes: 15cm, 20cm, 26cm 30cm.

White Flour wraps

20cm White wrap

26cm White wrap

30cm White wrap

Brown flame baked Wraps

20cm Brown wrap

26 cm Brown wrap

30 cm Brown wrap

Multiseed Wraps

20cm Multiseed wrap

26cm Multiseed wrap

White cocktail wrap

Brown cocktail wrap

Multiseed cocktail wrap

Naan Breads

We prepare authentic Naan & garlic Naan.

Plain Naan

Garlic Naan


Plain flour & brown Roti’s available in standard & large sizes.

Pita Bread

Brown & White, Flaxseed & Charcoal Pitas available in 15cm size and mini Pita.

Charcoal & Flaxseed




We have a choice of Pizza & low carb pizza available in 30cm & 20cm sizes.

20cm small base

30cm large base